View Full Version : Time for me to go back to NVIDIA video cards?

December 17th 12, 02:22 AM

In the past, I was a NVIDIA video card user up to 8800 GT (PCIe).
However, I stopped using their video cards and drivers because they
dropped the fullscreen TV overlays for CRT TVs (I use S-video+composite
cables and adapter connected to Toshiba W-627 VCR to a January 1996
19.5" Sharp CRT TV). My current four years old ATI Radeon 4870 video
card (512 MB; PCIe) is having issues with computer games and videos with

Does NVIDIA still block fullscreen overlay on CRT TVs in updated Windows
XP Pro. SP3 and up? I watch lots of videos on my old CRT TV fullscreen
while using my computer. I rarely game these days.

Thank you in advance. :)
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