View Full Version : Enhancing Web Video W/Current Geforces?

Ed Light
October 22nd 12, 12:24 AM
Awhile back I got a geforce GT 240 and found that it's sharpening and
contrast enhancements did not reach web videos. I sent it back for a
Radeon 4670, which works perfectly. In the latest drivers, you have to
turn this on - the default is off.

The Radeon reaches most videos, certainly Flash videos, but not itunes
or Netflix (MS Silverlight). It reaches youtube, Hulu, almost everything.

The Radeon has a setting where half the screen is enhanced, so it's easy
to tell when it's working. But you can tell by turning stuff on and off
during a video.

My question is, do/can current geforces apply their visual enhancements
including sharpening and dynamic contrast to web videos? Do older ones
like the 240 do it with current drivers?

Ed Light

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