View Full Version : Battlefield 3 not working on AMD x2 3800+ and GT520 ? (Web crap)

Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 04:00 PM

It seems Battlefield 3 has devolved into web-crap.

Battlefield 2 already had a bad/slow game browser, but Battlefield 3 seems
to be simply ridicilous.

The game doesn't even start so I have no idea if it's working.

It's also impossible to start your own server so it's mostly all full.

And when it does find a free server it says:

"Joining Server..." forever...

Does this mean Battlefield 3 won't play on AMD X2 3800+ and GT520 ?!?

The processor is a bit old, dual core, but the GT520 is brand new... it's
DX11 capable.

Here is a screenshot showing the bad server joining and web-crap in action:

(Also it seems to use punk baster crap, but it's not enabled, maybe that the
problem ?

Perhaps later I will try on my Mom's laptop.

So far the experience has been quite bad... origin beta buggy, all kinds of
web crap necessary to install....

It installs, but no game... not even a game menu, thumbs down from me for
now ;)




Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 04:05 PM

I can remember the Origin (download manager) to want and restart my system
?! Which was very weird really, I didn't do that because I did not see a
real reason to do that for a game.

But maybe punk buster needs the system to be restarted.

So I just rebooted/restarted the computer.

Now I will give it another try...

During the windows startup I heard a couple of beeps, so it probably
installed something.

So maybe it will now working.

Going to try again, I will report back later ! ;)

Skybuck =D

Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 04:15 PM
Well, after the reboot it's still not working.

I checked if punkbuster is running and according to services it's running.

However some time ago I tweaked some services and disabled them like
workstation, these are only needed for debugging or so.

I do wonder if perhaps Battlefield 3 requires certain services to be
running, but that would be weird for a game.

Usually games don't need special services to be running.

The reboot didn't help, it's still joining the server forever:


Well so far this has been the worst beta game ever, it doesn't even show a
game menu !

My conclusion for now:

Total crap.

If it works for you great ! If it doesn't better cancel that pre-order ! ;)

Skybuck =D

Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 04:16 PM
"Hmm" wrote in message ...

Op Thu, 29 Sep 2011 17:00:56 +0200 schreef "Skybuck Flying"

> Hello,

Skybug, please die, it's easy if you try.

Let me kill you instead into my banlist, that's nice.


Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 04:29 PM
After people seem to have the same problems, one of them recommended trying
with windows firewall off... I already checked those settings and
Battlefield 3 was added to the public networks to allow it.

None the less, I tried with firewall off anyway, still not working:


For now it's nice to know that their webcrap isn't working.

But still no judgement of their actual game... perhaps their game is so
bad... that they don't want people to play it ! ;) =D

Well I wasted enough time on their webcrap for now (about 1 hour).

Time to go on with life and do some other stuff...

I'll try again a couple of times until 10 oktober, but I doubt it's going to
work any time soon ;)


Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 05:05 PM
(I also give it one last try by making sure the 32 bit internet explorer was
running, at least I think so, also didn't work)


Now I totally understand this "99 problems in Battlefield 3 music/trailer

There is some hidden fun/message in there ! ;) =D


It's more like

9999999999999999999999999999999999 problems in Battlefield 3 when I read
what people are writing about it ! LOL.

Skybuck =D

Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 05:28 PM
(Could be a dutch issue, maybe a fix):

**** it, this is why I hate dutch software. I never said I wanted dutch

I just want the bloody ****ing english version.

Perhaps the "dutch" translation of the folder names is causing problems !?

Apperently the folder name for the dutch version is beta with an apostrophe
or whatever the ****ing french ****ing thing is called.

So somebody is suggesting to try this fix:

I shall try this fix:

Use google translate to translate it for ya, cause I am too busy to
translate it for ya know... but I ll report back to see if these changes
help make it work or not ! ;)

-------VOLLEDIGE FIX (UPDATED)--------

Mocht je spel het niet doen, ongeacht welke error je dan ook hebt, dit is DE

1. Ga naar je installatie folder.
32-bit: "C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Bta Battlefield 3"
64-bit: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Bta Battlefield 3"

2. Verander de foldernaam naar "Beta Battlefield 3" in plaats van "Bta
Battlefield 3"

3. Open regedit (Uitvoeren > regedit) en wijzig de volgende sleutels (LET
OP: Check welke versie bij jou hoort)

Voor X64:

Deze wijzigen: "GDFBinary"="C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Beta Battlefield
En deze: "Install Dir"="C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Beta Battlefield 3\"

Voor X86(32Bit):

Deze wijzigen: "GDFBinary"="C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Beta Battlefield
En deze: "Install Dir"="C:\Program Files\Origin Games\Beta Battlefield 3\"


Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 05:39 PM

It seems to go one step further now it ****ing complains about me driver:


So I am gonna try and update it... on the screenshot I will also try and
include the bugfix.

This is probably an ASCII/Ansi VERSUS Unicode string coding problem ! ;)

Yeah now the screenshot shows how to fix it !

Just make sure it says: Beta instead of Bta

Which is some stupid dutch ****ed up ****.

Germans probably have that ****ed up **** too or french, **** all of them.

Skybuck ;) =D

Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 29th 11, 05:58 PM


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OPEN BETA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I haven't even played yet, I haven't even looked at it yet !

Not even for 1 second to be honest.

Me waaaaay to excited to report it's working.

I don't hear much yet... but I did hear some talking ! ;) =D


Now me go play it ! ;) =D


Skybuck Flying[_7_]
September 30th 11, 10:17 AM

I played for 16 hours straight ! ;)

The game has many bugs... mannnny bugs :)

It's BattleBugField ;) LOL.

But it was kinda fun...

I especially enjoyed the "recon"... it allows you to respawn at positions
marked by a radio by yourself by dropping it.

Only after 16 hours of playing did I discover it's possible to join other
squads with other classes too... so the recon not really necessary.

I thought teammates can only spawn on recons.. that would have been cool...
but nope... they can spawn on anybody it seems ?! ;) :)

Well... I got a bit bored with the recon, because I didn't get the lofsap
weapon or whatever... it's targgeting weapon...

But there are still more goodies/unlucky... I still think recon is most
interesting to play.

So then I decided to play with engineer the last few minutes...

But that was kinda boring... rocket launcher almost doesn't do any damage
what so ever...

And it's explosion is reaallly tiny... like an ant's dick explosion..

Almost pretty much worthless, but it can blow stuff up...

There is still more fun to be hand with the "UMP" gun ;)

It's probably a bit overpowered but ok ;)

Sniping seems to be the most fun.

There was also quite some frustration with the menu's and stuff not
intermingling... can't change graphics when dead and so forth.

Also people die really fast, which is a bit frustrating/****ty... perhaps
lower might be better.

However the game ran pretty damn slow/laggy on my system... but that could
be because of old pc and slow graphics card.

I will probably try again on a faster pc sometime... not sure how much
faster it is but it should be good ;)

The sound was laggy.

I wonder if this game would play better with just 1 core... so the game
should have an option to use 1 core/thread if possible... that might work
better.. at least it did in other shooters ! ;)

There was also some screen blinking could be driver issue.