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August 6th 11, 05:58 PM

srry...'av an updated version of your good history lesson............
involved as lowly tech in the electrochemistry general engineering labs in schnedtady in 1960 until transferred to another city.

G.E. invented the 'low-temp' fuel cell to work in the gemini...for short period ran tests on adsorbsion of H on pd.

later, became involved with an x AEC scientist named Dr Moos. He licensed the rights to Bacon's cell in the u.s. he then licensed to CT's P&W Aircraft, who

gave a lucritive r&d contract to us at L-M in NYC/Lake Success.

the apollo system is the thirties bacon cell.
later, had fun with the passive [mtl-3] termal control coating the the Pegasus
meteor satellite.. . . before changing professions in my thirties...all fun, all real