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April 27th 11, 03:52 AM
Peter Dassow wrote:
> Just if you are searching desperately for a solution for the ugly
> "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error:
> I've made an extra page about this:
> http://www.z80.eu/win7dispdrvr.html
> Regards
> Peter
Some good common sense ideas there.
I have Win2k and I just switched from a Radeon 8500LE to a BFG6600 oc 256MB
AGP card and it is a big improvement in gaming, overall.
I have an AMD cpu (2400 Mobile 266MHz) and 1 GB of DDR ram.
I have a 400watt PSU with 18amps on the 12V rail and I only use one HDD and
one DVD Player/Recorder.
The Radeon caused no problems, but that damn BFG causes all kinds of
One of the biggest ones is sometimes immediately shutting down the PC while
refreshing an Internet page, such as weather.com.
Not most of the time, but it is the Internet pages that seem to cause the
problem of shutting down immediately, no warning, just a blank screen (no
signal detected) and no HDD activity. It almost seems like it could be
related to a refresh rate change.
I use a 1024x768x32bitx85refresh rate on my cathode tube monitor.
I play Halo, Q3 Arena and Doom3 and it doesn't 'usually' freeze or stop the
PC, even after hours of play on high graphic settings.
Strange, Halo plays at 85Hz but my other games, such as Doom3 and Q3Arena
play at 60Mhz unless I add an autoconfig.cfg file to those games. With the
Radeon, all my games play at 85Hz.
The temp of the GPU never gets up to 80C and I don't oc it. It's normal temp
while surfing or reading emails, is around 57C.
With the BFG card, my PC will never do a restart, I always have to shut it
completely off (cold boot) and sometimes even that takes me several times to
get it to work.
If I just take out the BFG card (without even uninstalling its Drivers) and
put the Radeon back in, there is no problem doing a reboot ever. So, I would
think that this means that the BFG Nvidia drivers are not causing the
Any help would be appreciated.
PS: I will try uinstalling and reinstalling my audio drivers.