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Skybuck Flying[_3_]
June 8th 10, 04:52 AM

It is time to make the world acquinted with Skybuck's Universal Code 6 (The
Fast Version).

Today's computers/instructions/instruction sets don't really work with
"interleaved bits".

They work more with "consecutive bits".

Therefore it is time to update Skybuck's Universal Code Concept with version
6: The Fast Version.

First a little recap from version 1:

Variants of version 1:

C = Content/Binary Code/Data Bits
M = Marker bits

1. CMCMCM (Universal field: original interleaved version)
2. MCMCMC (Universal field: reversed interleaved version)

Now the new variants of version 6:

3. CCCMMM (Universal field: consecutive version)
4. MMMCCC (Universal field: reversed consecutive version)

Variant 3 is suited for reading from right to left (backward <-)
Variant 4 is suited for reading from left to right (forward ->)

However this is not all, version 6 continues with a variant for markers as

First a little recap from version 1:

A marker was 001 (always forward ended by a 1).

Version 6 introduces two variants:

5. Marker backward 100 (suited for backward scanning <-)
6. Marker forward 001 (suited for forward scanning ->)

Combining points 3 and 5 creates a suitable backwards information stream.
Combining points 4 and 6 creates a suitable forwards information stream.

Class dismissed ! :)

Skybuck =D