View Full Version : Idea for Quake 3/Live: "Skill Glow"

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
February 22nd 09, 09:31 AM

I just had another idea for Quake3/Live:

Depending on a player's rank he/she starts glowing.

For example newbies/bad players have no glow.

Pretty good players have "yellow glow".

Even better players have "orange glow".

Very very very good players have "red glow".

Like the quad damage but then different color ;) :)

If player has quad damage then he/she is simply blue or maybe a combination
if that looks good ;)

Just an idea... could be fun to watch ! ;)


Skybuck Flying[_2_]
February 22nd 09, 09:34 AM
This concept could be further expanded to different colors for players for
different stats for example players that are hard to kill.... have "green

Players which chicken out a lot are pansies or so: "pink glow" :)

(In read in two days quake 3 live beta goes public... I hope it starts fast
because that's very important for me !

I want to be playing in less than 10 seconds if possible ! ;) even 5 ! just
like quake 3 ! ;))

Skybuck ;)