View Full Version : X-Fi Elite Pro new sound drivers ! GOOD !

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
December 20th 08, 08:46 AM

It seems CreativeLabs has finally perfected their sound drivers for their
xi-fi elite pro product.

I just installed the latest and greatest driver:


I tested L4D.

I tested especially Doom 3 and Battlefield 2 with 4 Gigabytes of memory !

And no more sound crackling issue's !

Very nice...

Now I can finally use 4GB's of ram... and not a moment to soon... since
nowadays I have virtual maccccchines ! =DDD

If the crackling does return I will let you guys know... otherwise assume
it's solved for now ! ;) :)

Skybuck ;)

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
December 20th 08, 08:50 AM
I wonder if it's save to install these drivers in a virtual machine...

I am kinda wondering if it will work for Windows 7 in VMWare...

Oh well... I was thinking about trying it... but so far I only have XP x64

And I will probably need Vista drivers for Windows 7... and maybe those not
working for Windows 7 ?! ;)

Now I'll have to wait for Windows 7 drivers ! WOW ! :)

Skybuck ;)

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
December 20th 08, 09:15 AM

I just tried installing these drivers in Windows 7...

The driver said: "operating system not supported".

Then I ran it in vista compatibility mode...

But the driver didn't find any supported products.

To bad, would have been nice to have sound in the virtual machine... maybe I
should check virtual machine bios or so...