View Full Version : Improvements thread for Red Alert 3 :)

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
November 2nd 08, 01:15 PM

This usenet-thread is about possible improvements for Red Alert 3 and future

So far I see three major improvements:

1. Victory Movies/Sounds/Music after each mission would be nice ! ;) (Keep
them short)

(So far I am kinda missing rewards for completing missions ! ;) )
(There is the occasional thank you video message... but I wanna see some
more cgi and story developments or something :))

2. Auto-detection of optimal game settings. Here is an idea:

(First make a little action demo, then settings everything to low... measure
the fps... then continue
increasing graphical settings until the fps drops under a certain minimum
and keep the last known good settings.).

Could help for newby gamers ;) and give the game a better first impression
which is important ! ;)

3. Auto detection of resolution. (Detect desktop resolution and use that.)


Skybuck Flying[_2_]
November 2nd 08, 10:21 PM
Improvement number 4:

When loading the game have a "continue" button so that I can first read the

The loading goes so fast on my system... I can't read the tips fast enough !