View Full Version : !!! Red Alert 3 !!! (Part2: The Allies)

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
November 1st 08, 02:15 PM
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen :)

I am getting pretty excited about Red Alert 3 !

It's starting to seem like a pretty awesome game ! ;)

Right now I am at the start of Mission 7 of the Allied Campaign...

So I just finishes playing Mission 6 which was cool... I got to see these
japanese fighter stuff in action... and all my cool weapons.

I am now starting to see where Red Alert 3 has brought forth some
innovations in gameplay.

For example... in Red Alert 3 every unit has a special mode... and the
innovation is that Red Alert 3 automatically uses the special mode firing
capabilities... so you don't have to micro manage it !

You just tell the unit to switch modes and voila ! It automatically uses
it's special powers ! Ain't that nice !

Some units do require you to fire manually... like the super torpedo's of
the subs... but that's ok.... that's kinda fun firing those things
yourself... but after a while maybe you don't care about doing it yourself
that much anymore... or maybe it's risky so you gotta do it yourself.

I like the girls in the game... it adds some to it... I have never seen so
many girls act in a game it's nice !

The action is pretty super too as long as it runs on full speed ofcourse <-
check graphics settings.

It's like an action-packed-arcade-game-strategy-shooter or something... it's
nice !

The artifical intelligence was also pretty smart !

For example I had these expensive bombers... and the AI decide to help me
and defend my bombers when they fly away... so it escorted my bombers !

That was pretty cool to see...

The ally also helps me when under attack or when attacking ! That is pretty
cool !

Some things might be done better:

For example more diffirent victory songs at the end... or more different
mission songs at the beginning...

I always constantly hoping that I will hear something different play once I
finish a mission that would be nice and give the game a little bit more
spice :)

The tanja + the other girly level was kinda a little boring... just shooting
infantry and stuff... I could also go via the back but I didn't kill
anything so I had to eventually replay it because the mc got killed which
was kinda funny... but this is the only level I didn't like so much...
though I did like going up the hill near the skieing cables and such and
reaching that big king thingy :)

Also a special word about the story and the story line:

I am definetly LOVING IT !

Everything mission has a story... and story events... and things
happening... it makes the game come alive !

It's good, it's nice ! =D

So far thumbs up for Red Alert 3 !

Red Alert 3 has been promoted to 3 out of 5 stars... and it will probably
get another star... once I played the third campaign !

So stay tuned... stick to your guns !

And keep em warm ! =D LOL

Skybuck =D