View Full Version : Brother in Arms Hell's Highway sux. (Only played 2 minutes :))

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
October 15th 08, 01:16 AM

My PC spent like 7 hours or so downloading this game.

It spent 5 minutes unpacking it or so.

I played 2 minutes.

Then I saw the logo:

It said: "Unreal Engine".

Then my first reaction was: "Oh know... I wish I need this upfront then I
would have never downloaded it".

Oh well...

I watched the intro which was a little bit impressive because of high
graphics... though it shook to much.

Then I played the game for two minutes... and this sick guy look at me...
and then the frustration started when I choose training mode... all these
stupid messages occur... then the red screen happen... the walking is
weird... the graphics are high... maybe a bit too...

Then the unthinkable happens: The game goes into second/third person mode
and I am hiding behind some hospital car...

At this point I feel like I am playing Gears of Wars which is a totally
disgusting crappy game.

At this point I more or less knew enough... I was going to hate this game
from the first second... and yup... I really started hating it after only 5

The game says: "your in danger you must run through the hospital bombs are
falling" Yeah right... how does he know the bombs are gonna fall on the
hospital for godsakes ? reminds me of stupid gears of wars story telling...

Anyway now again the unthinkable happens:

The game says to press the spacebar to run/sprint ?!?

All shooters I have ever played use the shift key to sprint.

Why did this game maker not follow the things were are custom and everybody
is used to ?

It's disrespectfull or/and newby like.

Just for this I am going to delete the game.

I feel sorry for the internet provider... I wasted 6 gigabyte for them...
such a shame.

Oh well..

Also the walking was ****ed up it bounced way too much up and down the
weapons didn't sound that great...

and I am kinda sick of ww2 shooters anyway. Excuses maybe...

Should I give this game another chance by lowering settings and tweaking the
game controls ?!?

Nope... I don't think so... I am not gonna like this game because of the
hiding/duck/third person system which I absolutely hate.

So warning for everybody: THIS IS NOT A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.

It's some in the middle crap... like console crap...

Let us all wipe are asses with it =D

Now I go back to some good games ;)