View Full Version : Little gun-reload shortcoming in CoJ

Skybuck Flying[_2_]
October 5th 08, 06:17 PM

In CoJ game it's possible to have two weapons, one in left hand, and one in
right hand.

Suppose left and right weapons are low on ammo... then I can't specify which
weapon is to be reloaded first...

For example:

I would like to reload right weapon only or always...

But now the game reloads kinda unpredictable ?

Some further observation would be needed to learn how the reload happens.

I would guess if the developer had half a brain they would reload the weapon
which has the most ammo loaded... so reload can be fast.

Naturally I would a new a feature in future game:

R = Reload left
T = Reload right ;)

And also ofcourse: no more peaking through walls because of strafing that's
for lamo's.

And no more out of map lamo's ;)


Skybuck Flying[_2_]
October 5th 08, 06:29 PM
Wow the weapon switching is kinda weird too... another game with weird
weapon switching.

For example:

No weapons loaded.

Press 3.

Shotgun is mounted in right hand.

Press 2.

Shotgun is de-mounted and pistol is mounted in right hand.

This is strange...

Why would a player want to switch like that...

I rather have:

Shotgun equiped any hand.

Pistol equiped other hand.

Makes a little bit more sense when I need more firepower...

On the other side of this story... this does allow single hand weapon

So it's has adventages and disadventages...

I guess it needs getting used too or maybe it will never be convenient in a
fire fight...

Do I really wanna switch weapons like that in a fire fight ? or do I just
want maximum power...

Probably just maximum power ! ;)

The other way around it's different and therefore inconsistent for example:

Press pistol first.

Then shotgun second.

Both weapons will be mounted with is exactly the opposite of above... so
that again can become confusing just like in call of duty 4 weird weapon

I wonder... when are these developers gonna learn they shouldn't confuse us
gamers/shooter players ?!

Be consistent or hit the road jack ! ;)

Oh well I ll try to have some fun with the weird weapon single hand
switching ;)

It was kinda funny shooting with pistol first... then switch to shotgun...
boom I blew somebody away... ofcourse I probably could have done that with
both weapons mounted as well ? or maybe not ?

Maybe I would have chosen pistol shot and missed... but I do know
inconsistent weapon switching is usually much more confusing...

So statistically it's probably a bad thing.

Consistency is good for statistics/kills/situations ;)


Skybuck Flying[_2_]
October 5th 08, 06:34 PM
I tried full akimbo setting but that didn't help... weird weapon switching

However by simply emptieing the gun and then firing once the weapon will
automatically reload when auto reload is on...

So that's a possibility... but then I have to shoot the gun empty... kinda
nasty solution I don't like it oh well.

I just want to load the gun to full... the gun which is loaded fullest... so
I got a new round of full gun available ;)


Skybuck Flying[_2_]
October 6th 08, 02:24 AM
Well I must say... it had loads of fun today in mp...

Though sometimes the weapon switching does get me killed a little bit... but
it's not to bad.

Using all the different modes is kinda cool.

Like pistol "super aim" or whatever it's called.

Just shoot a little bit more slower than super fast and you ll hit massive
of people.

Just gotta stay cool.

The voice messages are fun too once you know how to do them fast like:

"I see them !"

"Defend the gold !"

"Help !"

That's cool.

A little green dot will appear on radar so other people can see it as well.

Totally cool ! ;)

Also if using pistol only... then you can later switch to shotgun when you
really needed... the switching is so fast and the shotgun shoots so fast...
you can do it in under 10 millisecond or so... totally awesome... but is it
realistic ? I wonder...

I owned lots of peeps that way lol :) Poor *******s ! LOL ;) =D

Yeah especially since my ping is 25... total ownage in a fun way :)

The fort is kinda cool too... stay up there... working together with voices
messages, pistols, shotguns...

There is this bad player though called bacha... he tries to teamkill people
at the start... but 99% I shoot him...

But not everybody can do it especially high ping people...

Then after a minute or so he does it again... kinda stupid.. but ok ;)