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Skybuck Flying[_2_]
October 1st 08, 04:17 AM
.... the following items:

1. The same thing happens over and over and over and over again.

The ai doesn't learn from what happened in the passed.

2. The story does not develop with the action.

I shall further explain:

Suppose I as a player attack the first base...

I would expect that the base goes in red alert.

I would expect that one a soldier sees me and escapes he informs everybody
else throughout the level and even the rest of the game... especially after
I murdered 100 people or so.

RED FLAGS should go off everywhere...

The enemy should be scared ****less by none... hiding in bunkers... and not
simply walking around waiting to get BUTT ****ED like a stinking cow on the

They dude should have informed the rest of my special nano suit etc etc etc.

No crysis is lacking all of that... the game feels very scripted and

The enemy only reacts a little bit when I get near them... and events only
happen at certain time or when I enter certain areas where I haven't been
before... with almost pinpoint millimeter accuracy.

The game makes little attempt to hide all this artificiality I would call

And that's what sets crysis apart as a second or even third-class shooter...
it doesn't belong in the list of BF2, COD4, QUAKE4, DOOM3, CoJ, Dark Messiah
of Might and Magic etc.

Crysis is a wannabe game... it wants to be up there in the top... but it's

I wish it well though... hopefully the developers will take note and try to
do a better job in the future.

Which is what is definetly needed to get rid of it's artifical taste and
even the graphics need a touch of that somehow ;)

However I shall end with some positive points... minor ones probably but
still nice:

The suit voice is awesome... I was I could turn it a little bit higher.

Maybe add some more voice suits in the future.

The special abilities are kinda nice too.

That's what sets crysis apart from the rest of the shooters... that's
crysis's strong point and ofcourse pretty good graphics and sound too but
still shooters need something special to set them apart ! ;)

Skybuck :)

October 4th 08, 03:38 PM
> The enemy should be scared ****less by none... hiding in bunkers... and
> not simply walking around waiting to get

*BUTT ****ED like a stinking cow on the grass*

I can just see you in the field with the cow

This is why I love your posts


October 5th 08, 02:34 AM
I bought the addin a couple weeks ago. It is still unopened. Agree,
Crysis was too scripted and just plain boring after the 2nd time
through. It could never compare with any of the MOH series.
Crysis had high potential, but it is obvious that the developers
only thought about the high graphics, and nothing about the
"story" in the game. Highly uninspired.