View Full Version : display trouble coming out of standby

September 29th 08, 06:01 PM
I have an HP 8510w notebook computer with an Nvidia Quadro FX 570M
display adapter running Windows XP. I carry it between home (where it
is connected to an analog monitor with an optimal resolution of
1280x1024) and work (where it is connected to a digital monitor with
an optimal resolution of 1600x1200). I ordinarily put it in standby
to carry it back and forth. When I take it out of standby, it usually
changes its resolution to the monitor's optimal resolution.

However, every so often, this automatic resolution change will not
happen -- it seems to get stuck on one resolution. When this happens
the menu associated with the nvidia tray icon loses some entries -- at
least the resolution submenu and a display submenu (for controlling
multiple monitors). Sometimes the desktop background goes solid black
when this happens.

When this happens trying to change the resolution through the nvidia
control panel does not work. Trying to change the resolution through
Windows Display Properties Settings tells me it will take effect only
on a reboot.

My display driver is ForceWare 174.70.

Has anyone else seen a problem like this?