View Full Version : Part of the shroud of mystery around Intel's Larrabee to dissipate @SIGGRAPH 2008

June 8th 08, 10:51 PM
Intel Larrabee @ SIGGRAPH 2008
Monday 02nd June 2008, 09:25:00 AM, written by Arun

Starting in August, part of the shroud of mystery around Larrabee is
going to dissipate: A paper called 'Larrabee: A Many-Core x86
Architecture for Visual Computing' will be presented at SIGGRAPH by
its authors, which include Doug Carmean, Tom Forsyth, Michael Abrash,
Pat Hanrahan and many others.

The paper's abstract describes Larrabee as using 'multiple in-order
x86 CPU cores that are augmented by a wide vector processor unit, as
well as fixed-function co-processors. This provides dramatically
higher performance per watt and per unit of area than out-of-order
CPUs on highly parallel workloads and greatly increases the
flexibility and programmability of the architecture as compared to
standard GPUs.'

Nothing revolutionary or that we didn't know before there, but we'll
definitely be looking forward to this. No promise that I/we go to
SIGGRAPH this year, but it's still relatively likely - plus, this
likely won't be the only event where Intel presents Larrabee this
year. It's worth pointing out that Larrabee will be competing head-on
against NVIDIA and AMD's DX11 GPUs, not their current ones; sadly it
seems unlikely that either company will be willing to disclose
anything substantial about their next-generation architectures until
well into 2009.