View Full Version : GeForce 7300 LE and Vista - Dual Display - Video Issues

March 17th 08, 01:11 AM
Hey guys. Can anyone figure this out? I am using a GeForce 7300 LE
card. From the DVI connection, I have a DVI to HDMI cable running to a
26" Magnavox LCD TV/Monitor. From the VGA connection, I have a VGA
cable running to my 17" Compaq CRT monitor - model 7500.

I sort of have two issues. As long as I was using the VGA cable with
my 26" LCD and only using that ONE monitor, I had no problems. Now
that I have switched the LCD to my DVI connection and added my CRT on
the VGA connection I began to have issues.

The first issue:

When I boot my computer, everything is looking fine. I haven't been
able to tell at what point the screw up comes in, but about one minute
or so after my computer is booting and the desktop has come up, my CRT
(secondary display) goes dark. It doesn't turn black; you can still
see everything - it's just a LOT darker. The only thing I have found
that will correct the color is to change my power settings for the
display. If I set the display to turn off after one minute of
inactivity, and wait for them to turn off I can move the mouse to
bring them back up and everything is back to normal. Then I change the
power settings back and everything is great until I have to restart
next time.

The second issue:

Since I added the secondary monitor (the CRT) I have not been able to
watch videos of any kind. Well, the ONLY kind I can watch are FLV
files. I cannot watch AVI files, DVD movies or anything that requires
me to use Real Player or Windows Media Player. I have sound and I have
video, but you cannot see what is going on. The video almost looks
black, but if you look REALLY close and really hard, you can see the
video playing, but you cannot tell what is going on in the movie.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or know what my problem may
be? I have the latest nVidia drivers by the way and I also have the
latest updates for Vista.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to shed some light here.