View Full Version : ASUS N6600 does not work with one wide monitor and the other anon-wide.

February 15th 08, 06:57 PM
Help me out guys,

Ive got an onboard video card, Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family,
and added another video card, The ASUS Extreme N6600.

I have Two monitors, One Acer AL1916W (widescreen, 1440x900) and the
other, an Acer AL1917 (1280x1024).

I want normal resolution so span both of these monitors.

1. When i install the Asus video card, the onboard video card does not
work. Is this normal?
2. I plugged both monitors, DVI for the widescreem and VGA for the
other, to the ASUS and the screen show up on both for a horizontal
span but the resolution is jacked up on the non-wide screen, can I
make these two work some how? I tried changing the resolution using
the NVidia software but to no success.

if someone could point me in the right direction, it'll be much