View Full Version : How to save overclocking settings ?

Beladi Nasralla
November 11th 07, 02:12 PM
I have 7600GT card, and I used a 1-year old driver plus CoolBits for
overclocking. Everything worked fine. Once having overclocked, the
settings were always there.

Finally, I installed the latest driver, 169.04 ( Now I
had to install nTune in order to overclock the card (nomore CoolBits).
I increased the GPU clock frequency. But when I restart the computer,
the old non-overclocked settings appear when I check through the
nVidia Control Panel. I have to overclock the card again, manually,
before I can start playing the game. It is so inconvenient ! What
should I do ?

Obviously, I have to save the profile (before, I did not have too). In
the Performance tab, there is "Adjust Custom Rules". I tried to use to
save the overclocked profile, and then load the profile every time I
load the game. However, the Windows gives me an error: the profile
could not be loaded.

Or, maybe, I should do something else ?