View Full Version : Black Grass, Trees, Models in Call of Duty 4 is an alt-tab bug ?

Skybuck Flying
November 8th 07, 03:14 PM

I just installed the latest NVidia drivers for Windows XP x64 Pro edition:

ForceWare 163.75 for my two 7900 GTX cards working in SLI.

I start the game, and start a multiplayer match.

At first the game looks ok, and only a little bit of grass is black, and
when I move into the shadows my weapons become more or less black.

Then I switch to another window with ALT-TAB.

And then I switch back to the game !

And voila ! Black grass, black trees, black models ! It seems to be an
ALT-TAB bug (as well?!) ?!?!?!

Here are new screenshots showing before and after the alt-tab.

Before alt-tab:


After alt-tab:


That's a really nasty bug PEOPLE !

FIX FIX FIX FIX ?!?! Don't tell me it's an hardware bug ?!?! OH-OH


tony h
November 8th 07, 04:05 PM
why would anyone playing multiplayer want to alt-tab away from the game?
perhaps suggesting you 'get a life' would be helpful?

Skybuck Flying
November 8th 07, 04:20 PM

I just found a solution:

Try using alt-tab keys or try via the taskbar to switch back from
windows-to-game-to-windows-to-game multiple times.

After a couple of times it works, in sli mode too ! ;) <- The graphics are
restored ! No more black stuff ;) !

Cool/nice ! ;)


Skybuck Flying
November 8th 07, 04:25 PM
Don't be silly,

Alt-tab can be very handy for any application including games.


Skybuck Flying
November 8th 07, 09:12 PM
Unfortunately it's not a real solution.

It doesn't work for everything.

Many things stay black.



Skybuck Flying
November 10th 07, 05:34 PM

There are many people now that have this issue.

One of them tried the following driver:

Nvidia ForceWare 169.04 Beta drivers (for Windows XP x64)

and he said it fixed the issue.

I have now also installed these drivers, and the issue is fixed it seems, NO
MORE BLACKNESS :D WIEEEE, I did not remove the previous ones, nor did I do a

I just downloaded them and installed them over the old ones.

And apperently I think the installer simply removes old driver and
immediately installs new drivers and everything just goes fine.

Only thing I had to do was re-enable SLI.

Hopefully the drivers are stable and the issue does not return !

If the issue does return I ll report back otherwise consider it solved ! ;)