View Full Version : EN8500GT

September 8th 07, 08:11 AM
Because I kept getting black screen then a recovery I removed 1 card (I had
2 cards using SLI) This cured that problem. Using Nvidia's website 'Vista
Quality Assurance' found out that 20/8/07 update recommended using
Forceware v 163.44. I duly removed the old driver forcing the standard VGA
driver. Then I installed the 163.44. Windows said it did not install
correctly. Device manager and nVidia's page shows it HAS installed. It seems
to be OK. I tried to reinstall (without first reverting to the basic VGA
driver) and it stopped, saying 'this is not a genuine 32bit system and
therefore will terminate!'
Maybe in a while I will reinstall the second card and try to instigate SLI.
John the West Ham fan