View Full Version : Demand for AMD R600 and Nvidia G80 higher than expected

August 24th 07, 08:40 PM
Kevin Spiess - Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 | 11:48AM (PST)

Everybody and their dogs are buying new video cards

NVIDIA and AMD must be pleased: it seems than demand is outstripping
supply for the current generational crop of video cards.

The silicon-saavy, transistor-crafting, determined denziens of Taiwain
Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) are reportedly working hard
to fill boxes full of R600's and G80's. This year, demand for these
cards was apparently greater than expected. The good news is that
reserve stocks of these lovely cards can be brought out of storage to
be doled out to partners, in time for the Christmas crush -- so no one
should end up empty-handed.

A source also relates that this same factoring is busy crafting the
upcoming G92 (GeForce 9800) and G98 (GeForce 9600) for release in the
last quarter of this year. Previous reports stated that the G92 was
coming this year, but that the G98 wasn't expected until Spring -- but
maybe things have changed?

Only time -- and close to a billion transistors of GPU performance --
will tell.