View Full Version : ForceWare XP Relese Version: 162.18 Official BETA

Mr.E Solved!
July 6th 07, 12:06 AM

These new XP Forceware drivers are for the full line of current nvidia
cards, and incorporate nvidia control panel v1.5. Yes, the classic panel
is still available via registry modification.

Uninstall ntune BEFORE you install these drivers, then after successful
forceware installation, reinstall THE CURRENT VERSION of ntune. (Some
motherboard vendors supply a variant, or older version of ntune, get the
current one from nvidia's site.)

The 162.18's fix many open gaming issues for the 8-series, and correct a
rather nasty bug in the recently recalled 162.15's.

Yes, if you currently run any 9x series Forceware (or even 8x series) on
an nforce2 (or better) class system board you should consider these
drivers. Be forewarned that the new control panel is a paradigm shift
from the classic: relatively confusing to navigate, inefficient and very
powerful and feature filled, particularly when combined with ntune for
real time Windows based (not BIOS based) complete frequency and voltage
control of all PC components, with automated benchmarking and analysis
for easy comparisons.