View Full Version : nView / display blanking

Stefan Malte Schumacher
May 23rd 07, 11:48 PM

I have two problems with my Nvidia Geforce 4600. First off all, I am
using Windows XP and Forceware 93.71.The first problem is that right
clicking on the desktop or on the Nvidia-symbol in the taskbar causes
the picture to blank for a fraction of a second. I also get this
effect when moving or deleting avi-files in the Explorer or while
changing options through the Control Panel. Any ideas how I could turn
this off ?

Concerning nView : I am very much annoyed how easy the mouse cursor
goes over to the second display when I just try to click on the
close-button of a window. Is there a way to configure nView so that
the area around the right edge off the screen is less "sensitive",
meaning that it won't be so easy to move the cursor of the screen
accidentally ?