View Full Version : Adding memory

Pat Kelecy
April 18th 07, 05:06 PM
I have an HP xw9300 workstation (dual Opteron 280 cpu's) that I would like
to upgrade the memory in, and have a couple of basic questions concerning

1. According to the information I have, the system uses DDR SDRAM ECC
registered memory (DDR PC3200, CL=3, registered, ECC, DDR400, 2.6V, 184-pin
DIMM). Will any PC3200 memory module (i.e. any brand and part number) that
meets these specs work? Although it seems like it should, I've noticed that
memory retailers, like Crucial for example, have different part numbers for
what appears to be identical memory (the only difference is the computer
model specified in their memory selector). This makes me wonder if there's
some additional criteria involved that's perhaps motherboard or chip set

2. In this system there are 8 memory sockets divided into two groups of four
(one group for each cpu). The manual says the memory must be added in
matched pairs, and I've noticed with dual processor setups that it's always
matched between banks as well. Is that a requirement though? That is, if I
upgrade the memory will I actually have to add *four* sticks to the system
(a matched pair to each bank) because it's dual processor?

Thanks for any feedback on these. I appreciate it.