View Full Version : Found Playstation 3 on sale, get before xmas

December 14th 06, 01:25 AM
I just purchased a Playstation 3's 60GB for $850+free shipping, and
received today!

I took a chance ordering from this URL: www.spaluxe.com/ps3_nj.htm and
it paid off!

On EBAY I found mostly opened and slightly handled units for auction, I
only buy sealed, factory fresh gaming gear. Not wanting to wait on-line
at BestBuy or Circuit City a few days before X-Mas I ordered from these
guys and now I am on a PS3 right now.

Follow my lead if you are ready to purchase a brand new PS3 today. You
also get free shipping guaranteed within ten days.

I have been using my PS3 for hours now. The Bluetooth thing is totally
cool and I love how I can use my PSP as a controller!

If you are not too late, check out: www.spaluxe.com/ps3_nj.htm , I am
very happy.

John Lewis
December 14th 06, 09:17 PM
On 13 Dec 2006 16:25:17 -0800, "blazer169" >

>I just purchased a Playstation 3's 60GB for $850+free shipping, and
>received today!

Hopefully $850 CDN. Otherwise another sucker is born. A 8800 video
card is only $625 (US) and is Dx10 compatible. The PS3 and Xbox360 are
now outdated technology. Hope you enjoy the teeny-bopper games.

John Lewis