View Full Version : Multisession BOOT cd won't. Compaq Presario 900 with Toshiba DVD/CDRWSD-R2312

December 12th 06, 11:44 AM
I have a Compaq Presario 900 with Toshiba DVD/CDRW SD-R2312.
I can't make it boot a multisession bootable CD.
Anybody know a workaround for this?

Let me try to head off the obvious:
It boots a single session bootable CDRW just fine.
When I write the second session, it complains, but can be coaxed
into writing the session. But it will not BOOT from the
two-session disk. That two-session disk WILL boot in
ALL of my other machines with NON-Toshiba Drives.
IT will NOT boot in my DEll with a Toshiba XM-1902B Read only CD drive.
I've tried different media/cd-rw/cd-r, many brands.
It'appears to be a Toshiba drive problem or an interface in the BIOS.
My Dell with a Toshiba drive and different BIOS won't boot the
two-session CD either.

Toshiba Tech Support is giving me the usual runaround. It's jumpered
as a slave, even tho there's no way to jumper it...and it boots single
session cds just fine....it's bad media, even thought it boots many
different media single session but none two session...it's dirty
media... all the usual runarounds...or is it runsaround...

I have the lastest firmware in the drive and the laptop.

Ok, so why would anybody care about this? There's a cool linux
distribution called "puppy" that loads itself entirely into ram.
When you close it, it writes the changes back to the CDRW.
You don't need ANY hard drive in the computer at all. You can run
it on ANY machine that will boot a CD (multisession) without
making any changes to the onboard hard drive. You don't need to reset
a bunch of parameters every time you load, like most live linuxes.
You can surf all the warez and porn sites you want without fear of
corruption...at least computer corruption ;-)

Unfortunately, the two laptops I most want to run it on have Toshiba
CD drives and won't boot the multisession CD.

Toshiba ain't gonna fix obsolete drives.
It would be interesting to learn if more recent Toshiba drives fixed
this problem. Toshiba still denies that a problem ever existed.

Since this is the Compaq group, I'm looking for a workaround to make
my Compaq work with this.

Thanks, mike