View Full Version : Tv detection on MSI 7600GS 512MB fanless

December 10th 06, 12:03 AM

I just bought the MSI 7600 card to replace an old ATI 9600, I am using
the latest drivers (93.71) on Win XP Pro, and I have the following problem:

The 1st time I connected the TV, I run the TV settings assistant in the
Nvidia Control Panel, I answered all questions, then it asked me to
reboot, and then I had the two displays available, and could use the TV,
good !

But the problem is that I have to do that every time I disconnect and
reconnect the TV, which is borrying !!

It seems the TV settings are lost when I disconnect the TV, I did not
see in the Nvidia control panel where to save Tv settings.

I never had this type of problem with the ATI board.

Am I missing something here ?

Thanks for helping.