View Full Version : knock off a resistor, Need R175 Value, Compaq Presario 5000

September 28th 06, 09:19 PM
My sister knocked off one of the tiny resistor R175 that next to the
FW82801AA south bridge. I tried to find the resistor in the computer
case, but couldn't find it.

Now the USB port is completely dead, windows detects the USB port(shows
it in device manger), but nothing show up after i plug the usb devices
in. The mouse and modem don't even light up the LED.

The board is compaq part#:157126-102
SPS - proc Bd ( w / o ) proc BMW - 2 , intel 810, 4 PCI, no AGP, with

If anyone knows the value of R175 right next to the south birdge,please
let me know.

The resistor has 3 digits on it ,for example 220 which stands for 22 x
10^0 ohm