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August 26th 06, 01:54 AM
I'm having a problem booting my system, a Pressario 7PL290. I have gone
through several debug cycles with this so this note may be a little
long. The issue originally started as a problem where the system
would boot, I'd get the Compaq logo, then the XP boot screen but then
it would loop between the Compaq logo and the XP boot screen. I
thought it might be a bad operating system so I rebuilt the HDD with a
new XP on a different system. The HDD boots fine on that system. Now,
upon booting, the Compaq logo comes up, the system goes through POST
with no beep codes. I don't think I've ever heard beep codes with this
machine. After the POST, all I get is a blinking cursor in the upper
left corner of the monitor. It sees the HDD. I have two 256mb memory
modules, and discovered tonight that one of them is bad. The system
only sees 128mb on that module. I've tried booting with both modules,
and with just the single good 256mb module, all with the same result. I
have disconnected all the adapters except the video card but no change.

I don't know if it is significant but normally, you have to hold
the on/off switch down for several seconds in order to turn the machine
off. If I take out the memory, this is the way it works. With the
memory in, the system shuts off immediately. Any suggestions? If
this is a motherboard issue, it sounds like (from the Compaq FAQ) a
new motherboard is not a possibility. Is that correct?


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