View Full Version : Realtek (Azalia) High Definition Audio - This device cannot start. (Code 10)

August 9th 06, 10:34 AM
I have a new GA-965P-DQ6. Cannot get the sound to work.

I installed the Microsoft Bus software. (MSHDQFE)
This causes a new device to be found (presumably the Azalia).
I cancel out of that new hardware dialog,
then download the motherboard_driver_audio_realtek_azalia.
When I run that it says "microsoft bus should be loaded in your system
before installing".
Seems to complete and asks the I reboot.
When I reboot the New Device wizard starts up again.
I have to point it by hand down into the 5125 folder to find the
It finds and installs the drivers.
But then it says This device cannot start. (Code 10)

I'm sure the Azalia is on in the BIOS, in fact I'm on optimized
Anyone having any luck with this bleeding edge board?

August 9th 06, 11:00 AM
I submitted this question to Gigabyte, but I'm not sure they got it,
when I submit I get this helpful response. Folks, what kind of response
should I expect from Gigabyte?

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August 9th 06, 04:10 PM
The main idea is the Gigabyte website implies in the notes next to the
driver downloads, to install first the Microsoft Bus driver and then
the Realtek driver. There is some discussion of this general idea in
these threads.


I've tried all this and some rollbacks (which also erase some web link
files I created trying to isolate this), but am still SOL. Wonder if
anyone is in the same boat or if anyone has any ideas.

August 10th 06, 05:22 PM
Applied both MS patches; not sure which one did it. Actually I think
what did it was using the latest driver. Straight from the Realtek
site; Gigabyte support site lags.

Answers here:


August 11th 06, 09:21 AM
On 9 Aug 2006 02:34:35 -0700, "Steve" > wrote:

>I have a new GA-965P-DQ6. Cannot get the sound to work.

I do not have that board but for my Gigabyte board I always get any
audio drivers from the Realtek website, they list a number of HD


You could also explain to them the problems that you are having trying
to get the Realtek HD audio working and also ask them what driver you
should be using for your particular motherboard:-


Hope you get it sorted.

Cheers - Aitcho