View Full Version : S6010V faints after using CD drive

Willie Wipes
August 4th 06, 07:42 AM
Can anybody help me with my fainting Presario desktop?

This S6010V Presario desktop with XP Home and all the latest service
packs and updates freezes after I use the CD drive. It cycles,
freezing for ten seconds to a minute, then works for five seconds, then
freezes, and then works, and... well, you get the picture. Eventually
I can get it to shut down. When it reboots, it's OK -- until I use a
CD drive again.

I tried disabling one of the two CD drives (one read-only and one R/W)
and it did OK for a while.

I have a SR1710NX with XP Home and just one CD drive. It's done the
same thing a couple of times, but not enough to be more than a rare