View Full Version : Compaq EVO N115 Questions

July 6th 06, 03:24 PM
I have Compaq Evo N115,and need a little help with it.When I first got
it,I was told that it needed a new motherboard,and the hard drive was
missing.I plugged it in to see what it did,and the battery light
blinked a few times,then went to a solid orange.I tried turning it
on,and to my surprise it booted to the Compaq logo,and said something
about press F1 to boot,or F10 for computer setup.Right after I pressed
one of them,the plug fell out of the wall.It still boots to the
logo,but now when I plug it in to run the unit,because the battery
won't charge,the charging light just blinks.I tried charging it for
awhile,and unplugging the cord,but it just shuts right off.Also,I
can't get it to recognize a hard drive.Could the charging board be
the problem?It also doesn't keep the time,and date when I unplug the
A/C power.Bad CMOS battery?Does the charging board charge the CMOS
battery too?What make,and model hard drive did this originally come
with from the factory?Mine is model 470035-737 Series CM2130. Also,do
they have restore disks you can buy for this machine?I also need to
know if I can get the Microsoft Windows key for this too. Sorry for
all the questions!Any help is greatly appreciated.Thank You very