View Full Version : Re: Does anyone use their computers under 100% stress in a 90F degrees environment?

June 21st 06, 04:37 AM

> Are you able to keep the computers stable and not breaking (e.g., a SeaSonic
> PSU overheated) in a room that is about 90 degrees(F) during heat waves
> with no air conditions?

> I have seen my computer's Athlon 64 3200+ (754) CPU go over 160F degrees
> and ASUS K8V SE Deluxe motherboard go over 120F degrees.

90F is only mild heat, and any computer should run fine in it unless
its cooling setup if terrible. A large fan at the lower front and a
fair-size opening at the upper rear should be enough supplemental
cooling. The hard drives can be screwed to the bottom of the case, on
edge, about 1" apart, and benefit from that fan air. Leave the slot
next to the video card empty, and leave its rear cover off as well.
Add a blow hole over the CPU fan only as a last resort, and don't
restrict air flow through it with flex duct (rigid tube is OK).