View Full Version : Re: Does anyone use their computers under 100% stress in a 90F degrees environment?

June 21st 06, 12:36 AM
> In alt.comp.hardware.amd.x86-64 Mxsmanic > wrote:
> > General Schvantzkoph writes:
> > > How well do you function in a 90F room? Your CPU can probably survive
> > > it but how about you. My recommendation is a Sears Plasmaire Air
> > > Conditioner. The Plasmaire's are very quiet. Make sure you get the
> > > Plasmaire, the cheaper ones are much nosier.
> > I agree that the solution is air conditioning. It keeps you cooler,
> > and it keeps your computer cooler ... and both of these make for much
> > more pleasant gaming (as well as any other use of the computer).
> Electrcity used by AC is expensive in this area. Even when AC is on, it doesn't
> seem to do well due to its central unit and old age (20-30 years?) Also I don't
> own this house (parents'). :(

When was the last time that antique had a pressure test? Can you even
recharge it
with the newer gasses?