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Air Raid
June 13th 06, 08:26 PM
Not Swami wrote:
> http://tinyurl.co.uk/sbsg
> "This has been officially debunked. Someone posted a scan of the *real*
> article. It says that the RSX has many similarities to the G70 (or
> whatever their new card is), but it's much faster than the G70."
> Posted by a mod/operator of teamxbox.com of all places.
> The thing is, if this was debunked months ago then why do the Xflops
> keep harping on it?
> --

this is NONSENSE. listen, the RSX has, officially a FASTER
clockspeed (550 MHz) than the original GeForce7800 GTX 256MB (430
MHz)...... but the RSX is less POWERFUL, it has less PERFORMANCE,
because when designing the RSX from the GeForce7800 GTX, Nvidia ripped
a lot of the "guts" out of it. They took out 8 of the pixel rendering
pipelines (rops) There are 16 (rops) in G70/G71 but only 8 in RSX.
they also cut the external memory bus down from 256-bit for G70/G71, to
128-bits for RSX. those two things alone make RSX WEAKER, understand?
the somewhat higher clockspeed of RSX (compared to the original GF
7800 GTX) does NOT make up for cutting the amount of pixel pipelines
(rops) in HALF or cutting the memory bus width in HALF.

not only that, but Sony refuses to say how many shader units are in
RSX. they refuse to give the amount vertex-shaders and pixel-shaders in

a normal G70/G71 (GeForce 7800 GTX and 7900 GTX) each have 8
vertexshaders and 24 pixelshaders. Nvidia won't say how many RSX has.

Why are they hiding the amounts?

Because they don't want to have to admit that RSX has fewer VS/PS
units and fewer pixel pipelines (rops) than their 1 year old G70 -
GeForce 7800 GTX.

so NOTHING has be debunked. RSX is still WEAKER than a GeForce 7800