View Full Version : Need serial number for compaq presario 2266/2278

Was Immer
June 3rd 06, 07:05 PM
Sorry my last message posted before i finished.

I need a serial number for a compaq presario 2266/2278

I have a compaq presario 2266 and I am trying to do a system
restore using the original Compaq QuickRestore CD.

But it asks me for my computer serial number. My case is
scratched right were the serial number sticker is and the
sticker is ripped so I cant read the serial number.

The Compaq QuickRestore CD states that the cd is for both the
Presario 2266/2278

If anyone could help me out thanks in advance.

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June 5th 06, 12:54 PM

June 5th 06, 01:00 PM

swapped out the cyrix for a k6-3 400 2.4v years ago.

still pluggin along