View Full Version : Compaq Armada M700 dead - battery blink codes?

Eyvind Spangen
May 31st 06, 12:06 PM
I have a Compaq Armada M700.
Went on vacation. When I arrived back home, it was dead. I did not bring it
with me.

Symptoms: The battery LED (amber) in front will blink 8 times with a few
seconds pause between each cycle. The hard drive LED over the keyboard will
glow very dim. It will not respond to any power buttons etc. Behavior is the
same with battery and AC connected, battery only or AC only. I have tried
two different AC adapters, and the LED indicators on the battery indicates

Anybody experienced this? It looks a lot like the system board, but the
computer has only been sitting on my desk, so no impact damage. The Compaq
service manuals does not mention anything like this symptoms..