View Full Version : Promise 20276 on GA-8IEXP Motherboard

May 1st 06, 11:52 PM

I want to connect my hard drive to the IDE 3 socket. I don't want to
the use the Raid function, just the regular ATA/133 function. I'm
trying to set this up on a mandrake linux system and I'm totally
confused. Do i need the driver for the Promise FastTrack 100 card or
the Promise Ultra 133 TX2 card? Or maybe a driver for just the 20276?
The GA-8IEXP manual states that IDE 3 and IDE 4 are compatible with
Ultra ATA/133 but the readme file that is part of the driver download
package mentions a FastTrack driver.
I need to know the proper driver because it looks like I will have to
recompile the kernel or get a kernel patch, because I'm running
Mandrake 10.0. That is another challenge for me because I'm still new
to Linux.