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April 17th 06, 07:29 PM

While reading this x-bit lab review/report I came across this
interesting look tool. I was wondering if my cpu was overheating at
some places... (because I was worried about a little bit of missing
thermal paste material, which is probably no issue but o) I was also
wondering if artic silver 5 could reduce the heat and thereby the noise
because the fan kicks in at 46 degrees and the cpu was changing between
45 degrees and 46 degrees making the fan spin up and down up and
down... Since it had these pictures of the cores I wondered if there
were multiple sensors on the chip but this is not the case... though
the tool is very handy and here is why:

First of all I don't know if this is necessary for the tool to be able
to do it's thing but I have "Cool and Quiet" and "Q-Fan Control"
enabled in the bios and ofcourse also the "Cool and Quiet" drivers

Then do this:

Download/Install the AMD Power Monitor. Read the short manual... it
will help you understand things very quickly... otherwise follow this
instructions: Right click on the tray icon and select:
"Minimum battery power" or any other settings like "laptop/maximum
battery savings" etc.

All these settings do the same... I think what they do is they lower
the cpu voltage thereby decreasing the clock speed ? Or something ?
Because in they bios I can't run the cpu slower ? But maybe via vcore
settings it can run slower ?

Anyway this settings makes the cores of the processor run at only 1000
mhz instead 2000 mhz.. thereby reducing the heat... and now the
temperature is like 43 degrees...

And now the fans don't spin up anymore and my system is pretty quiet...
and I like it
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalooooooooootttttttttttt tiiieeeeeeeeeee =D

Especially for just every day windows use... this is excellent...

I haven't tried playing any games yet to see what happens... but I
already love it...

So this tool and tip gets a 3 star rating which is the best rating
possible :D ;) =D

*** AMD Power Monitor ***

There you go...



P.S.: Actually I was looking for a way to make my system run underclock
and more quiet... Quite disappointing to see that asus provides no
tools to do this... Bad Bad Bad nononononononono.

Oh well at least the people at AMD have a brain lol :D

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee THUMBS UP FOR AMD ;)