View Full Version : Linux nvidia-setting program not that great!

April 6th 06, 02:57 AM
the usefullness of this program (along with the NVIDIA driver) is obvious.
But at this point, it is just not that great!

After, I tried to use it to slightly modify the colors viewing MP4 movie
(xine/mplayer/noatun), then everything turned green... and I could not
restore the original setting...

I quickly found out that that by deleting the file ~/.nvidia-settings-rc and
restarting the X server, at least I could get back to an original setting.

What I wrote above should lead to a less hacker style solution, as a part of
the GUI.

I also found out that the sliders are way too sensitive, on my system, and
again comming back to where you quite difficult.

Hope that Nvidia, put a bit more work there... or open its source code so
others will fix what needs to be fixed.