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March 18th 06, 11:07 PM
have a 2.4 p4 im overclockin to 2.65
P4P800 mobo
2048 mb of ram pc 3200
400mhz bus speed
nothing running in the background
latest drivers for nvidia although im trying some third party ones now.
Hard drive is maxtor 120 gig 7200 rpm SATA drive

Ill try and keep it short.
> > have a nvidia Ti200. while running day of defeat i notice my frames are
> > getting low while in firefights. (below 20)
> > no fun. I try lowering the resolution, no difference!
> > thats odd. set it to 800 x 600 still the same!!!
> > reinstall drivers after getting rid of old with pc driver cleaner. Still
> > same.
> > Figure i need a new video card anyway.
> > buy a 7800 GS, put it in today and guess what
> > Same frickin frame rates!!!!!!!
> >
> > someone please help me!!!!

March 19th 06, 06:06 AM
Could be a heat issue. Try clocking your CPU to factory speeds again and
try it out.

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March 19th 06, 10:08 AM
Try it with VSYNC (vertical synchronization) turned off, if it isn't