View Full Version : 6600GT: 3dMarks/games cause monitor to shut down

March 15th 06, 05:02 PM
Hello all,

I hope i can get some help. I recently upgraded to XFX 6600GT AGP
video card. Whenever i play a game or run 3dmark, the monitor shuts
down but i can hear the pc still on. Its like the monitor goes to
sleep. Any suggestions? Power supply readings seem low a little bit.


PS: ThermalTake 400W
current readings:
VCore: 1.76
3.3V: 3.28
+5V: 4.97
+12V: 11.58

AMD 2400+
MSI Nvidia2 mobo
512mb DDR400
120 GB & 160 GB
NEC DVD Burner


March 15th 06, 10:52 PM
I did not connect the card to the power supply because i did not see
it. I was expecting a molex like the one i had on my ati 9500 (looks
like floppy molex) .

Now its working fine!