View Full Version : GA-586ATE Manual/CMOS

March 14th 06, 12:26 PM
Hi all,

Hope someone can help us with this issue.
Have been looking at some old computers at the college I am at and we have 3
old Gigabyte GA-586ATE motherboard based systems, but they have the BIOS
password protected. I've searched about for the manual on the gigabyte site
but nothing on there plus ways to clear the protection on the net with no
luck so far. We want to use these machines for stripping and rebuilding
exercises, but need to purge the password. The battery is not the standard
lithium type, its the old black rectangular type and not socketed. I've
tried to remove all jumpers or move their positions to short them but at
present with no success.

Does anyone have a manual in pdf or experience working with this board
clearing the CMOS? if so, any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance