View Full Version : What ram to use to Overclock Opteron 165 ?

MR Hard
March 12th 06, 07:38 AM
What ram to use to Overclock Opteron 165 ?

Iam just wondering if pc 3200 with 4000mhz with Low Latency or DDR
4000, 5000 mhz should be used for an Amd Opteron 165 system.

I want to overclock. Is the FSb more important than low latencys. The
ram somone recomended is some :

MUSHKIN XP Samsung UCCC PC4000 2GB Kit (2x1024Mb) 2048Mb XP4000
3-4-3-8 eXtreme Performance 991483

This ram can easily get 250mhz FSB and probalby 300 even :)

I myself was looking at:

OCZ Platinum PC3200 2Gb Kit 2-3-2-5 (2x1024MB/2048) 400MHz

Only concidering this ram becuase i was always tld LOW Latency is the
best thing for an AMD system. Has this changed ?

Any help would be grea. Just getting my new system together.