View Full Version : Tempo folks out there a Dual Core question.

March 7th 06, 04:15 PM

I have seen a lot of good info on temperature of Dual Core Athlons.
But my question regards another issue.
What can I expect for the temperature of a Linux Server with Two Dual Core
Opterons on a 1U Rack!
AHA! Gotcha folks! No space for Thermaltake mega-Turbo-Fans :) :) No
Zalmans either!
And do not even dream with liquid cooling. This machine
will remain in a data-center with 2 500GB Hitashi SATAII and 8GB RAM. Room
temperature is always 20C degrees. I also expect at least half load ...
and long periods of heavy database access.
Any hard / experimental data?
All this new 1U rack mount cases are aproved by AMD to be Thermal
Any clues? Any comments?