View Full Version : 64 bit driver for Trendnet USB 2.0 wireless adapter ?

Caveat Emptor
February 15th 06, 05:12 PM
Have been struggling to install a Trendnet TWE 424UB 802.11g USB 2.0
adapter on my Opteron 144 based desktop under Ubuntu Linux (Dapper
Drake Flight3). Can't find a native driver, so I tried ndiswrapper
with a SiS driver for windows, and it's not working. It can recognize
the hardware, but am unable to load ndiswrapper.

Anything I can do, short of abandoning and buying another adapter?

I downloaded the ndiswrapper source (version 1.10), made a debian
package, and installed it.

installed the sis163u.inf (downloaded from Sis) driver for AMD64 using
ndiswrapper. The sis website does not explicitly say it's for a 64 bit
OS, although I found it under the AMD64 folder, which indicates it is
supposed to work for AMD64, but under a 32 bit OS. Am I reading too
much into it?

ndiswrapper -l
sis163u driver installed, hardware present

depmod -a
no errors

When I run modprobe ndiswrapper, It hangs, and
dmesg gives me an error message that "loadndiswrapper could not be