View Full Version : The amazing disapearing RAID Array (K8NS Ultra 939)

February 4th 06, 10:12 AM
I have an SATA RAID 0 Array set up on the Silicon Image controller
using 2 samsung HD160JJ hard drives as the 'D' drive.

All ran fine until I recently updated the SATA raid driver. I went
from 1033 to 1052 (tried 1053 too) and the 'D' drive disappears! The
drive does not even show up in the disk management console.

Changing back to the 1033 driver does not help. The array shows up at
boot and all seems normal. The only way I can get the drive to
re-appear is by using the XP system restore to go back to a restore
point before the driver upgrade.

I have two of these motherboards with almost identical configurations.
Only one of them has this problem. The differences are the one
without the problem has different set of samsung drives for the array

Somehow the new driver is stepping on something in the registry that
prevents winXP from finding the RAID array with the 2 samsung HD160JJ
hard drives

Has anyone else seen this problem or have a solution?