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February 4th 06, 04:37 AM
Heres whats happening My Kid has a P4S8X-X and the monitor went black
so I had a look and restarted it and it woundn't startup just stayed
black not beeps nuttin so I thought the celron 2.6 had die , So I put
the cpu in my GA-8KNXP and it started up no problem so next I tryed the
videocard I put it in my'n and the screen stayed black ( so that was it
Now here is the BIG Problem I put my videocard back in and the screen
stayed black no beeps nuttin the same as the P4S8X-X dead doz anyone
have a Idea whats going on ???

Is there a way to get the second BIOS kicked in on the GA-8KNXP ??

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February 12th 06, 09:32 PM
First of all you need the Beep at switch on which tells you that the
POST is ok (Power On Delf Test) and that the bios is working.

After which it wakes the CPU up, switches the main power on and tells
the HDD to load windows etc into RAM.

You can disconnect all the drives including the HDD and see what
happens when you boot up - you should get the POST bios beep.

Ya don't happen to have a duff bios back up battery...?
He he he the other day I had....! I kept getting disk boot failure
thought it was the HDD so silly me tried a repair install - no joy,
tried a complete format - no joy, so I borrowed a HDD and that was
exactly the same no HDD boot up.

I thought of a bios re-boot taking the battery out and hey presto...
all was well even the HDD was asking me to insert the CD ROM to
finish the install, that meant although the HDD was'nt booting it
did the first half of the installation.

The next day when the shops was open I got a new bios battery just to
be sure and did a complete reformat incase I copied any trash with
the fault that I had.

Funny thing though, all the bios settings was correct inspite of
wanting a bios reboot and the battery reading only 2.5V instead of 3

Silly me I did'nt need do a re-install after all but to re-boot the
bios with a new battery - sure did look like an HDD failure..!

Further question, are the fans running?, No swollen capacitors on the
mobo or gunge coming from them and what the chances of trying a Power
Supply Unit..?

Whether this helps I can't say, but first aim for that beep without it
nothing will work.