View Full Version : Gigabyte GA-8ISXT - A few qns!

February 1st 06, 11:00 PM
hi there all!

Just bought some new ram for the above mentioned gigabyte board only to
have no END of problems..

just to clear one thing up, the are IDENTICAL exept for the

ok, here we go!

Tried loading all four sticks (4x256 DDR) with a complete lack of a
desire to boot up. well thats a lie. it got as far as thinking about
the POST before starting to bleep like a banshee, like nothing ive ever
heard before on a post.

anyway, started swapping thigns around, and after much head-scratching,
decided it could be one of two problems. A) Since this is a stinking OEM
board, i cant access the bios voltage settings to up it to 2.7 v.. which
could be causing a problem, ( as they recognise individually in DDR slot
4, if i ty to put anyhting in slot 2, then the system will NOT boot,
does the whole bleepy thing.

on an alternate side, ive swapped the ram out with the sticks already
in there (new ram, old slots etc) and when booting, it just hangs
JUUUST before the ramcheck. Again, a shutdown moment.

Finally in this long winded, fisrt ever post comes this; Anyone have
any idea of the size of the RAM module in these things? the current
size of bios in there is 256, was vainly hoping to flash it with a
simmilar boards bios and tweak from there, something about the
GA8-IPE1000 being close enough, but 512 k..

of course, any known software utilities that oculd tell me thios would
be greatfully received!

anyway, hope i havent rambled too much!



February 14th 06, 08:33 PM
I don't know if it applies to your mobo..!

I use the GA7VA XP, mind you I only use PC2700 RAMs at the back of my
manual it list the types of RAMs suitable for this particular mobo, I
believe that some brands will not work or become unstable.

Obviously you are using a completely different mobo and may not apply,
wonder if it's worth checking on the makes of the RAMs that are
suitable, the ones I use are Kingmax

Sounds like a ram fault, you should get the POST beep even with all
the drives and HDD disconnected, getting the POST beep indicates the
Bios has booted.

No doubt you've tried all the PCI cards are seated properly, are the
FSB clocking speeds set correctly on the mobo for the rams?