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January 14th 06, 08:16 PM
My computer is a XP 2600 Barton, A7N8X-X ASUS, ATI AIW 9600.

When I overclocked before, I would set my RAM at "By SPD" and either inch
the fsb up or simply set it at 200 and the voltage at 1.775. Either way, I
always had stability problems. Today I set the voltage at AUTO, the Ram at
100% or 1:1(whatever your used to) and inched the FSB all the way to 196(No
probs on the way up either. CPU at 2.26Ghz. When in bios, the voltage was at
1.69). At 200 the 3DMark 2001 SE crashed. Anyways, overclocking seems to be
a whole lot smoother going if you set the ram to always run at the same
speed as the fsb. My computer feels 100% stable so far, I don't see any of
the hiccups I had with it when overclocked before. My score with a mild
overclock on the Vid card using ATITool is 11150(Using the vid card drivers
that came with the disk).Overclocking a 4200 upto 4800 specs will be
interesting and probably not hard at all to accomplish. And remember, since
the 3800 X2 is not the same chipset as the 4200- 4800 X2's, it will
overclock different. But I would take a 3800 X2 over the fastest single core
processor any day.

Ed Light
January 15th 06, 01:36 AM
Probably someone here will help.

Note: This is the 64-bit AMD group.

You might try alt.comp.hardware.overclocking.amd

Lots of 32-bit overclocking there.

Ed Light

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January 15th 06, 04:48 PM
Just making a point that overclocking the dual-core processors might be
easier if good ram is used that runs faster than pc3200, set it to run at
the same speed as the fsb, and overclocking the processors would go
smoother, and more stable. This is why when I bought a XP2100, I bought
pc3200 to avoid buying ram everytime I bought a processor.